Why I Can Help Others To Live Their Best Life

Being born into a multi-cultural family environment automatically made me different from lots of people whose paths I would cross. I never fitted in. I was always "different". But it was normal for me. I was born into this environment. Having English mannerisms with an Irish upbringing was of no consequence to me. It was my everyday life. Added to this was going to different schools: the English system, then the Irish system (when the family moved there), then back to the English system as a teenager (when we moved back to the UK again). Labels were constantly put on me. Labels I never asked for but was given non-the-less.


I learned to enjoy being different. I no longer wanted to be the same as everyone else. Being different made me (and still makes me) unique. I continued studying in the English system up to university and worked hard. But I was thrust into normal life, average life, and I lacked "I don't know what". I had dreamed about going to Australia since being a child, so I made it happen. And from there, I decided to travel and work for several years around Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland and Ireland - with bases in New Zealand and England. You see, I enveloped “change”. I continue this dual life today and enjoy the freedom my work gives me in not only honouring what is inherently me but also in being where my clients need me to be - literally and figuratively.

After a significant life-changing set of circumstances – that I didn’t ask for! – I decided to help others who also wanted to be different; that wanted to do something, or be something, "Oh, so different". So, YMR Coaching & Development was born and I focus on two main factors: setting up a different way of life and maintaining a positive outlook on life whilst doing it. Hence, I became a Mindset Wellbeing Coach and I specialise with relocation challenges.


Separate to the personal experiences, I also became quite versed with informal coaching through my working life, in different countries, in different industries, in different concepts. Cultural diversities always played a part in this and are even more prominent in this day and age with the world becoming more and more accessible to all. Further to this, I have qualified in the coaching spectrum and continue to learn to show that my knowledge and capabilities are not purely reliant on my own personal experiences no matter how profound I believe them to be. It is of utmost importance to me that you feel you are working with a person who not only personally understands but can professionally assist with moving forward effectively.

My services aid you on a one to one basis from a personal perspective, or from a couple/family environment. I am your cheerleader and confidante.

I help you gain clarity.

I help you gain understanding.

I help you gain belief and resilience.

I help you progress with life.


Change – in whatever setting for you – can be unnerving and will require skills to cope. It may take a single session, it may take a few sessions or it may involve being your support throughout the situation. All aspects are considered and will be bespoke to your needs.


Aside from this, I volunteer some of my time to causes that are important to me:

NHS Volunteer Responders - I offer my services free for the “Check-in and Chat” programme to help people who are feeling isolated because of the implications of Covid19.

The Prince’s Trust - I have a great desire to help young people find their voice, confidence and self-esteem in the world so that they can grow to feel good in their own skin, for who they are and then they can pass on these skills to others including the upcoming generations. By helping the young now, I believe that we will collectively change societies beliefs and break the mould that keeps people in their perceived defined roles and help give them a voice that will resonate with many others.

I look forward to working with you.


  • Diploma in Positive Psychology

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Diploma in Professional Coaching

  • BA (Hons) Accountancy with Combined Studies (Economics, Social and Behavioural Accounting)

  • Diploma in Business and Finance

  • NSight Executive Success Certified Coach

  • Disclosure & Barring Service ~ Enhanced (safe to work with minors: UK)

  • Suicide Prevention Training - Zero Suicide Alliance