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Why I Can Help Others To Live Their Best Life

Young People and Their Mindset


Being born into a multi-cultural family environment automatically made me different from lots of people whose paths I would cross. I never fitted in. I was always "different". But it was normal for me. I was born into this environment.


Dealing with a constantly changing environment during my formative years and the struggle to gain my identity at that time has infused me with a passion to support young people.


In today’s society, young people are navigating many stressors from peer pressure, academic expectations and identity crises. I have written programmes that will effectively support from 14-21 years in any context – at home, school, youth services, youth groups and associations, beginning working life, etc.


I am a volunteer with the Prince’s Trust as a Mosaic Mentor going into schools each week to support pupils to develop self-esteem, confidence and aspirations. I also participate in the Enterprise Challenge that shapes our future entrepreneurs.


I also volunteer with Targeted Youth Support Services as a Referral Order Panel Member participating in the rehabilitation of young offenders through Restorative Justice.


My passion for mentoring and inspiring young people is one of three main areas I specialise in with coaching. If you would like to learn more about the contributions I can make to your organisation, I’d love to hear from you.

New Leader Role and the Mindset


My career in the corporate world of financial services was a time in my life when I was fulfilled, challenged and made a difference. I enjoyed moving up into branch management and the variety the role brought. What did remain with me was how vulnerable I felt once the excitement of promotion faded.


Suddenly, I went from a customer-facing role that required excellent customer service skills to having to manage and motivate staff and manage any personal issues. I was quite empathetic in my leadership style, which was alien in the sector at that time.


The expectations of head office also added additional pressures. I had to navigate these new skill sets, and I was lucky to have peer support and unofficial mentors who guided and supported me. However, I know many people new to leadership roles may not be that fortunate.


Therefore, I have a short programme of intervention that will allow new leaders to discuss their fears and vulnerabilities and transmute them into strengths and confident leadership.


If you relate to this and want a no-obligation chat, please give me a call.

The Relocation Mindset


Moving around constantly during childhood and emigrating to Australia and New Zealand as an adult was exciting but also incredibly daunting. The nerves I experienced were initially calmed by the fact I was travelling with a friend, but she changed her mind at the last minute. So, I decided to go anyway.


I went to Australia and had a fantastic experience but couldn’t settle back home, so flew back out to NZ and settled there for over 12 years.


This experience showed me the emotional roller coaster that begins when you relocate – the constant pull between homesickness, missing family and the fantastic life in my new home.


Once you relocate or are thinking of relocating this is a common dilemma.


There are plenty of services that help you with the practicalities and logistics of relocation but not the emotional aspects, which is where I come in.


The best time to access this mentoring is when you are seriously contemplating in putting ‘the wheels in motion’ to make that move.


I can offer 1-2-1, couples and family coaching and even support the wider family that are remaining to cope with their feeling of loss.


If you relate to this, then please give me a call for a no-obligation chat to see which is the best way forward for you and your loved ones.


  • Diploma in Positive Psychology

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Diploma in Professional Coaching

  • BA (Hons) Accountancy with Combined Studies (Economics, Social and Behavioural Accounting)

  • Diploma in Business and Finance

  • NSight Executive Success Certified Coach

  • Safeguarding & Contextual Safeguarding

  • Youth Justice Interventions

  • Disclosure & Barring Service ~ Enhanced (safe to work with minors: UK)

  • Suicide Prevention Training - Zero Suicide Alliance

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