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Two hands shaped in a heart catching the sunset over the horizon of the sea giving a golden glow

Find harmony, peace and love through these general mindset wellbeing thoughts, stories and ideas.

New Leader Role Mindset on white placard held up by person wearing a business suit and is hiding beh

Whether you are preparing for your first leadership role, have just started or are wanting your next leadership role to be different - find your answers here.

silhouette of people standing tall and stretching against the setting sun

Thoughts, stories, tips and techniques with teenagers and young people in mind.

Large coloured and lit up globe on a stand set against a black background with the words relocation

Relocation decisions and changes are unique and need a special approach to ensure resilience and coping abilities are in place.

Small chalk board with wooden surround and white words more about me

The history behind Yvonne Rosney. What does she know? What is her experience?


Blog posts



rachel, client

Yvonne is a down to earth and caring coach with a good way of helping me to look outside of the box.

vickie lea, coach

Yvonne's style is open and thought-provoking. If you want a five star coach - she is one of them.

Moira, production manager

Yvonne and I spoke several times about my options and priorities, but most importantly she listened and was able to guide me to the right decision.

nicola, litigation assistant

She listens deeply, observes and asks the right questions to lead them to make very solid decisions.

John, Client

In my time of greatest need she was there as a pillar of strength, answering my questions and supporting me.

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