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What about today? Be present – I’ll show you how

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Yesterday is gone.

We don’t have tomorrow.

Today is the only day that we can actively affect.

We have two choices:

  • We can choose to be positive or we can choose to be negative about the day.

  • We can choose to be proactive or we can choose to be reactive with the day.

  • We can choose to turn up or we can choose to hide away from the day.

  • We can choose interest or we can choose apathy for the day.

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There is always a choice. It may not always seem like it or feel it, but there is always a choice.

The consequences that occur from the choices we make are what help to create the flow (or non-flow) of the present time.

And guess what? We don’t need to sweat the stuff about:

“...making a wrong decision so I won’t make one at all.”

because you still get to choose from the result of that initial decision – see? There are always options.

Not making a decision, is making a decision to not make a decision!

Being afraid to decide something or make a go of something or do something less ordinary keeps us from being, and enjoying, the present moment that is today. It generates a feeling of ‘stuckness’, afraid to make a decision in case the consequence means we are in a worse predicament than we currently are in. What could possibly be worse than feeling paralysed in not making a decision?

Reflecting on yesterday to improve today creates better options for what tomorrow will offer.

Whatever happened yesterday – reflect for sure: if it was positive then that candy floss stuff can be with you today; if it wasn’t positive then don’t drag that heavy baggage with you into this day.

Whatever you feel or fear may come tomorrow – realise that how you are today will start the foundations of how that tomorrow may turn out. So try to minimise the feeling of fear and maximise the feeling of excitement. And guess what? This amazing brain of ours cannot actually differentiate fear from excitement! It is the same hormone that is released by the body so TELL your brain that you are excited! Don’t bring the word “fear” into it. You are excited about what tomorrow may bring. What do you have to lose to try it? Absolutely nothing!!

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Photo: Taryn Elliott

It is often said that:

“it isn’t the destination that brings you the happiness but the journey along the way.”

In other words, enjoy and welcome your current day. Live it as if it is your last. Finish it with a happy thought. Reflect on all of the day but make sure you take energy from the good parts of the day. Write about it. Doodle about it. Sing about it. But acknowledge it in some way because today will become yesterday and you will want to quickly pull out the positives and the vibes you’ve had so that you can bring them forward into your new today.

The future is absolutely important

Brown and white dog sitting up at the far end of a rectangular wooden table looking to one side and above the dog on the wall behind are the words the future starts today
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I’m not saying don’t have any goals for your future – absolutely do! But you can only live in your today, so don’t forget that when you are looking beyond your horizon to your goals – you will forget the beauty of what is with you right here, right now. And imagine seeing your goal on the horizon, and as you lower your eyes slowly and come towards your current place, how amazing it is to see the pathway you have created to get you to that goal on the horizon – it looks like an exciting pathway to an exciting destination. Don’t forget to look where you are standing right now on that pathway – that seemed exciting to you last week, last month, last year. Well, here you are – be excited about your present position.

Sharing is caring

Oh – and by the way – I don’t recall ever reading anywhere – ever – that you had to be this, do this and become this ALL ON YOUR OWN! Nope, nowhere. Your desire for a positive day can be shared with family and friends, work colleagues, on social media and with complete strangers in the street. It is infectious – like how a person who is being negative impacts those around them, well so can this but I’d much rather feel the joy of positivity than the sadness of negativity... you?

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Now don’t be hard on yourself. If you’re not used to thinking this way and being this way then it’s going to require you to change some habits. Some of you will be fine with this (until about week 3!), some of you will be “I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna” and then ‘don’ta’! Some of you will feel like a lightning rod has hit you and you’re all over this ‘mindfulness of present day’ like a rash!! – not many but I definitely want to hear from you if this was you! (Disclaimer: I can’t be held responsible for any injuries from said ‘lightning rod’!)

But joking aside, if you are done with the same old, same old feeling or feel you’re done with you experiencing Groundhog Day and want something different – even if you don’t know what that is – then get in touch with me.

Imagine having a pathway that not only looks interesting but is “yours” and you get to feel it every day! – You can... I look forward to hearing from you.

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Yvonne has qualifications in Coaching, Positive Psychology, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and believes in continual personal development. She is currently based in the UK and also has life and work experience in Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. She helps with mindset wellbeing and change which includes significant relocations. She is contactable for client availability, public speaking events and media enquiries here:


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