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Keep it Simple

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"It's easy to play any musical instrument - all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself." - Johann Sebastian Bach

I love this quote. Even the complexity of what is trying to be said is so relevant and undoubtedly true.

Self-pressure sucks

Why is it that we sometimes (unknowingly and unwittingly) end up turning ourselves and our minds into complete knots over something? Quite often 'that' something actually is not a thing at all, it's just an assumption, belief or fear. Perhaps it is something we have grown up with, something we have been led to believe is fact or something that has consequences with us never questioning the status quo. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be able to be excellent at everything.

The reality is we are only human - and what amazing creatures we are already. Our bodies automatically function without even having to think about it; it learns how to use the fuel we put in as needed and discards what is not needed, and it senses 'vibes' of situations and other people, which means we can react accordingly. Yet we still push for excellence in every other avenue and it must be done a certain way. We worry about it and over-complicate things and therefore end up having a meltdown over something that is often not required for our basic safety and survival.

Our belief system can make a difference

Mindset is such a powerful thing. It can assist or it can prevent. It can approve or it can disagree. We can fuel that decision process with anxiety or excitement, and we must understand that there is a very thin line between those two feelings. The same hormone, cortisol, is a key ingredient. Our mindset gets to decide whether we want that to mean a positive thing or a negative thing.

So, instead of stressing ourselves out over it, how about we relax into the things we want to achieve and excel at? Same ingredients, just an easier and more enjoyable way to play the tune!

If this sounds like you but you're not sure about "what next?" - then get in touch with me here so we can look at that together. And in the space of a couple of sessions, you will be looking at things differently.

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Yvonne has qualifications in Coaching, Positive Psychology, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and believes in continual personal development. She is currently based in the UK and also has life and work experience in Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. She helps with mindset wellbeing and change which includes significant relocations. She is contactable for client availability, public speaking events and media enquiries here:


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