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Be Inspired

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I believe inspiration is a key ingredient to being successful…whatever success is for you.

You can have bucket loads of motivation and drive but you are only human and at some point, it is quite normal for the energy to wain a little, and this is where inspiration comes into play - call it the power pack booster if you will. It will help to boost your energy levels and get your motivation and drive firing on all cylinders again.

It's not a "one size fits all"

The good thing about inspiration is that it is as unique as you, even to the point that two people could feel inspiration from the same author for example, but the thing about that author that inspires these two people will be truly unique; like a little secret that is only known by you and the author (figuratively speaking of course, unless you happen to personally know said author in which case…lucky you!)

So with inspiration being truly unique, it can come in all manner of forms. It may not even be in connection to a well-known person. It could be a friend, a family member, a situation you have endured, a piece of music, a painting, the sun in the sky, the birds in the trees… All things great and small can create the inspiration you need, do you see? Have a handful of go-to inspiration tokens that you can call upon - whichever one resonates with you at the time you feel you need a boost. This can be fun. It does not have to be an arduous affair. After all, you want your inspiration to boost you just when you need it and not be a heavy bag to carry around.

Keep your "Inspiration Bag" relevant

There is no limit on how many tokens of inspiration you are allowed but it is good to do some housework on it now and again; make sure that what used to inspire you still does. If it doesn’t, just drop it. Don't try and make it still resonate with you as it will have already served its purpose. Don’t think you were wrong to wonder whether that was an inspiration at all. Humans are just a flow of energy like everything else in the world. You may have the same physical body all of your life but the energy that flows within, through and around you, is always moving and changing so it only seems fitting that your inspirations may alter, some only subtly so, others a complete turnabout.

Even with help from a coach you are still in control

Quite often it is at this stage that coaches are called upon to help those who are afraid to let go of things that no longer resonate for fear that it was important once, so it may be again, or to have faith and conviction that what is perceived as a piece of inspiration, truly is. This may all seem like a small part of changing how you wish to be going forward but trust me, its power is amazing and really does pack a punch - and best of all you will have created it.

Inspiration – it’s a vitamin smoothie for the soul!

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Yvonne has qualifications in Coaching, Positive Psychology, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and believes in continual personal development. She is currently based in the UK and also has life and work experience in Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. She helps with mindset wellbeing and change which includes significant relocations. She is contactable for client availability, public speaking events and media enquiries here:


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